Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

The Rose Hills Foundation supports qualified tax-exempt charitable organizations for the benefit of the people of Southern California with a current emphasis on organizations based in and serving Los Angeles County.

Grants Supported

Preferential attention will be given to organizations exhibiting the following positive factors:

  • A history of achievement, good management, and a stable financial condition
  • Organizations that allocate a high percentage of their operating expenses directly to their programs
  • Programs that are self-sustaining and will not necessitate continued dependence on the Foundation
  • Programs where the Foundation’s gift is matched or multiplied
  • Programs consistent with the Foundation’s identified areas of interest
  • Programs which will benefit people of Southern California
  • Programs which will reach the greatest number of people at the most reasonable cost
  • Significant programs with the promise of making a measurable impact

Grants Not Supported

At the present time, the Foundation will not entertain grant applications for:

  • Organizations who are new to the Foundation (i.e. those who have never received support from the Foundation) with operating budgets under $1.5 million
  • *Capital projects which have not been discussed with the President and CEO prior to application submission. Please see the Resource Center for more information.
  • An endowment
  • Athletic/sports leagues
  • California State Universities
  • Capital projects for private, independent, or parochial schools (K-12)
  • Charter schools
  • Community colleges
  • Documentary filmmaking or television programming
  • Educational foundations
  • Elementary and middle schools (K-8)
  • Government agencies
  • Grants to pass-through organizations or foundations which redistribute donated funds
  • Hospitals/hospital foundations
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    • Individuals
    • Medical research
    • Organizations/programs supporting animal welfare and rescue
    • Organizations/programs supporting specific diseases, i.e. cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.
    • Organizations under fiscal sponsorship of another 501(c)(3) organization
    • Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)
    • Political candidates, political campaigns, or organizations engaged in political activities
    • Programs which promote religious doctrine
    • Propagandizing, influencing legislation and/or elections, or promoting voter registration
    • Skilled living or nursing facilities, and retirement homes
    • Special events, including but not limited to fundraisers, galas, dinners, tournaments, conferences, and expositions

    From time to time, the Directors may elect to support nonprofit organizations of special interest, which are within the Foundation’s broad charter but may be outside of the Foundation’s current areas of emphasis. Such grants are initiated by the Directors at their discretion; unsolicited proposals are not accepted for special projects.