How to Apply

Note: As of August 24, 2022, the Foundation is NOT accepting applications from new organizations (i.e. those who have never received a grant from the Foundation) with operating budgets under $1.5 million.  This means that if your organization has not previously received a grant from the Foundation, your organization will not be eligible to apply unless your operating budget exceeds $1.5 million.  Smaller organizations that have previously received a grant from the Foundation remain qualified to reapply for a grant.  Please feel free to contact the Foundation’s program staff should you have questions about this policy.

Step One

All prospective grantees must first answer a series of questions to determine whether your organization is eligible to apply for a grant. If, after reviewing this website, with particular attention to the Grant Guidelines and the Resource Center, you believe that your organization fits within the Foundation’s current funding priorities and interests, please complete the Foundation’s eligibility quiz.

All prospective grantees must first take the eligibility quiz.

Step Two

If the Foundation determines from the eligibility quiz that the project request is within the Foundation’s current priorities and interests, the organization will be provided with the instructions to prepare and submit an online application via the new grants management system.


The following information/documents will be required for submission online:

  • Brief description of your organization’s current circumstances (financial, programmatic, operational/administrative capacity to continue services, etc.)
  • Number of unduplicated individuals served by organization annually
  • Specific amount you are requesting from the Foundation
  • List of current board of directors (including professional affiliations)
  • Current organizational operating budget and, if available, projected organizational operating budget
  • Most recent audited financials
  • Most recent IRS Form 990
  • IRS Exemption Letter
  • Funding History (a list of foundations or other non-government funders who have made significant grants to your organization within the past 24 months. Please indicate the year awarded and if the grant is multi-year)
  • If applicable:
    • Explanation of audit and/or pending legal action(s)
    • If your organization provides programs and services outside of L.A. County, you MUST request funding specifically for operations or programs within L.A. County and tailor all aspects of this application to your operations and programs within L.A. County (e.g. numbers of staff, board, individuals served, budget, local funding, etc.).