Application Procedures

The Foundation accepts and processes applications for grants through the year, with the expectation of awarding grants on a quarterly basis. If your organization meets the Foundation's general guidelines and you are interested in acquainting the Foundation with your organization, please visit the following link and complete the eligibility quiz:

All prospective grantees must first answer a series of eligibility questions to determine whether your organization is eligible to apply for a new grant.  If it is determined from the eligibility quiz that the request indicates a good match with the Foundation's interests and current funding priorities, the organization will be provided with the instructions and forms required to prepare and submit the formal, online application.

If invited to submit an application, the following information/documents will be required for submission online:

  • Brief purpose and history of organization
  • Brief outline of program for which funds are being sought and program budget
  • Specific amount you are requesting from the Foundation
  • Geographic area, demographics of population, and the number of individuals served annually
  • How program outcomes will be measured and assessed
  • List of Board of Directors and affiliations
  • Current operating budget
  • One-Year Itemized Project Budget for Request (an Excel-editable template form will be provided)
  • Most recent audited financials
  • Most recent tax report to IRS (generally Form 990)
  • IRS Exemption Letter
  • Funding History (10 largest non-governmental grants received in the last three fiscal years including grantor name, purpose, amount, and date awarded)
  • If applicable:
    • Explanation of audit and/or pending legal action(s)
    • Any licenses and/or proof of accreditation(s)
    • Capital Expenditures
    • If seeking a building fund or construction grant, evidence that all state, county, and local requirements have been met

After submitting an application, if your request does not meet the Foundation's guidelines and current program interests and you are notified via online or written notification, please wait twelve (12) months from the date of declination before contacting the Foundation again.