Rose Hills Foundation

The Foundation accepts and processes applications for grants throughout the year with no deadlines.

To gain a better understanding of the Foundation's funding priorities and interests, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section of this site. If, after reviewing the guidelines, you have a project that appears to fit within the Foundation's funding priorities and interests, then a brief letter of inquiry should be addressed to Ms. Victoria B. Rogers, President.

The letter of inquiry should include a brief description of the organization, the project for which funding is sought, the total cost of the project and the amount requested from The Rose Hills Foundation. Submissions should be limited to no more than two pages. Include as separate attachments the documents listed here. (Please do not send newsletters, brochures, etc.)

If it is determined from the letter of inquiry that the project meets the Foundation's priorities and interests, an application will be provided.

Regrettably, the availability of grant funds permits a favorable response to only a limited number of requests. Lack of approval should not be considered an indication of the Foundation's lack of appreciation for the merit and worthiness of both the proposal and the organization seeking support.

Communication Practices
Generally, the staff of the Foundation will initiate meetings to discuss letters of inquiry or formal applications and schedule site visits. Communication with Foundation Directors is discouraged. A letter of inquiry is the preferred means of initial contact for specific proposals. General inquiries to the Foundation are always welcome.