Rose Hills Foundation

The Foundation accepts and processes applications for grants throughout the year.

Beginning September 15, 2015, the Foundation will be transitioning its application and reporting procedures to an online process.  At that time, all prospective grantees must first answer a series of questions to determine whether your organization is eligible to apply for a new grant.  If, after reviewing this website with particular attention to the FAQ section of the site, you believe that your organization fits within the Foundation's current funding priorities and interests, then please complete the Foundation's eligibility quiz at the following link:

If the Foundation determines from the eligibility quiz that the project request is within the Foundation's priorities and interests, the applicant will be provided with the instructions and forms required to prepare and submit a formal, online application. If  your organization has passed the eligibility quiz and is returning to complete an in-progress application, please visit the following link:

Regrettably, the availability of grant funds permits a favorable response to only a limited number of requests. If the Foundation does not fund your request at this time, it should not be considered an indication of the Foundation's lack of appreciation for the merit and worthiness of either the proposal or the organization seeking support.

If you are a current grantee with an upcoming report deadline after October 1, 2015, please refer to our FAQ section for updated information about how to submit your report online.

Communication Practices
Generally, the staff of the Foundation will initiate meetings to discuss letters of inquiry or formal applications and schedule site visits (communication with Foundation Directors is discouraged).  Completing the eligibility quiz and if provided, the formal application, is the preferred means of initial contact for specific proposals. General inquiries to the Foundation are always welcome.